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Welcome to Hinchinbrook Island Cruises!

Hinchinbrook Island Cruises transfers hikers to and from the Thorsborne Trail daily.

Hinchinbrook Island Cruises is the longest operating ferry company to Hinchinbrook Island!

We offer the most services to Hinchinbrook Island! This includes Day Trips and Thorsborne Trail Transfers!

Are you visiting the region and would like a day trip to Hinchinbrook Island? Check out our range of DAY TRIPS available!


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Channel Cruise

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TRIPADVISOR – August 2019

The business has recently been taken over by Brad White – an ex Park Ranger who really knew his stuff. He had worked on building the original pontoon at Hinchinbrook plus later reparation work in the local area after Cyclone Larry. Brad arrived on time and was very professional and knowledgeable about the island. The boat was fast and immaculately clean – good OH&S including providing a Personal Locater Beacon in case of emergency on the island. We were dropped off for 6 hours and had a great time walking and enjoying the wild beauty of the Island – we took our own food and water etc. we were lucky that it was also a spectacular day weather wise!

Can very much recommend this trip – good service and good value for money. Felt that we were safe and well prepared for the trip thanks to Brad s advice etc.

If you are considering trekking the famous Thorsborne Trail just go to Thorsborne Trail and we will look after the rest!

HINCHINBROOK ISLAND CRUISES is your one stop shop for hiking the THORSBORNE TRAIL!

Hinchinbrook Island Cruises can arrange EVERYTHING for your Thorsborne Trail experience in just one phone call!

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Fast, clean, reliable, comfortable boats.

You will receive a full safety brief.

Hire a personal locator beacon from us.



We all know Hinchinbrook Island like the back of our hands. 


Please go to Thorsborne Trail page for more information.

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