Thorsborne Trail Transfers

The only transfers to both ends of the Thorsborne Trail!

We have simplified the WHOLE process! It has never been easier to experience the Thorsborne Trail!

One phone call can arrange your complete Thorsbore Trail experience!

  1. National Park Camping permits Ph: 07 4066 8248                        √ YES
  2. Complete round trip Ferry Transfers from Cardwell & Lucinda      √ YES     
  3. Airport Transfers from Townsville or Cairns                                   √ YES
  4. Hiking hire gear  Ph: 07 4066 8248                                               √ YES
  5. Local Accommodation bookings                                                    √ YES
  6. Hiking gear sales (gas, hiking sticks etc)                                      √ YES

Please Note: OFF SEASON RATES & TRANSFER SCHEDULES APPLY from 1st November 2017 to 1st March 2018. 

OFF SEASON COMPLETE  ROUND TRIP TRANSFER PACKAGE @ $199 / Person & only operating TO / FROM Cardwell.


Hinchinbrook Island Cruises provides transfers to and from BOTH ENDS of the Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook Island from/to Cardwell or Lucinda!

Hinchinbrook Island Cruises has a large fleet of vessels crewed by experienced skippers with a wealth of local knowledge to make your time on the water truly memorable.

Please note Hinchinbrook Island Cruises transfers to and from the Thorsborne Trail by ferry!


Hinchinbrook Explorer







Hinchinbrook Island Cruises has scheduled transfer every day from Lucinda and Cardwell to Ramsay Bay and George point.

Having 2 fast comfortable custom built 9 meter ferries, Hinchinbrook Island Cruises can transfer you faster and more comfortably to and from the Thorsborne Trail.

Hinchinbrook Island Cruises leaves Lucinda at 8 am every day and Cardwell at 9am. Bookings are essential!

Hinchinbrook Island Cruises ferries cruise on 26 knots so our travel time is shorter to and from the island. We have soft padded seats and shade to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Safety is our main priority and Hinchinbrook Island Cruises have Personal Locator Beacons (EPIRBS) available for hire. Please contact us for more information or CLICK HERE!


Our boats are fast comfortable, have lots of shade and soft padded seats.

Island CampingHinchinbrook Island Map Our skippers Andrew and Gordon have walked the Trail many times so please ask any questions and we will give you professional advise.


Our new tour shop, Cardwell & Hinchinbrook Tours & Information has a great range of hiking hire gear and personal locating beacons (EPIRB) for HIRE!

We also have a range of hiking accessories (gas canisters, hiking sticks etc.) for purchase.  Go to Hire Gear to view the range of hiking gear available.







90% of hikers walk the Thorsborne Trail North to South (Ramsey Bay to George Point).

It doesnt matter if you are staying in Cardwell or Lucinda, we provide the ferry transfer to the Thorsborne Trail from both of these destinations!

We have many added services for both Cardwell and Lucinda!

  • Personal Locator Beacon Hire
  • FREE excess baggage storage with any booking with Hinchinbrook Island Cruises
  • FREE long term car parking close to departure point.
  • Hiking Gear Shop (sales & hire equipment)

The beauty of Hinchinbrook Island Cruises is they have 2 ferries which enables us to accommodate large groups. Both ferries are fast, have comfortable seating and shade.

Just book online and Hinchinbrook Island Cruises will do the rest!


Please Note: OFF SEASON RATES & TRANSFER SCHEDULES APPLY from 1st November 2017 to 1st March 2018. 

OFF SEASON COMPLETE  ROUND TRIP TRANSFER PACKAGE @ $199 / Person & only operating TO / FROM Cardwell.

Hinchinbrook Island Cruises do transfers up and down the Hinchinbrook Channel via ferry!


Being the longest serving ferry company operating to both ends of the Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island Cruises are able to offer the most cost effective, professional and convenient transfers for those walking this world renowned trail.


George Point pick up times change daily due to the tides, click here to download schedule.

If you are departing Cardwell and need a lift to the Hinchinbrook Harbour Boat Ramp,   we can arrange a Taxi transfer for FREE, when you book with us, just let us know!

Other services available!

Based in Cardwell and Lucinda, Hinchinbrook Island Cruises provides the best options including boat transfers to the surrounding islands and the Thorsborne Trail from Cardwell and Lucinda, various Day Trips and guided Fishing Charters are available.

Discover the magnificent wilderness of Hinchinbrook Island and the Hinchinbrook Channel. Hinchinbrook Island is Australia’s largest island national park!

Also Garden, Goold, Orpheus and the Palm Island Groups are in the area and we conduct tours to.

Our tours and transfers depart and return to Hinchinbrook Harbour Cardwell, and Dungeness Lucinda!

See our “Find Us in Cardwell” page for directions to our location in Cardwell.


NVideos of the Thorsborne TrailEW!  Watch videos of the 4 Day Thorsborne Trail Trek.
Go to our Videos page.





Please Note: OFF SEASON RATES & TRANSFER SCHEDULES APPLY from 1st November 2017 to 1st March 2018. 

OFF SEASON COMPLETE  ROUND TRIP TRANSFER PACKAGE @ $199 / Person & only operating TO / FROM Cardwell.

(15 years and over)
(5 to 14 years)
(0 to 4 FREE)
Both the Northern and Southern End (Depart and return from either Cardwell or Lucinda, including the car or bus transfer when applicable)
$199.00$199.00FREEBOOK NOW
Both the Northern and Southern End (Depart from either Cardwell and return to Lucinda, OR Depart from Lucinda and return to Cardwell). Does not include any bus transfers if required.
$170.00$150.00FREEBOOK NOW
The Northern End(Cardwell to Ramsay Bay and Ramsay Bay return to Cardwell).
$160.00$140.00FREEBOOK NOW
The Southern End(Lucinda to George Point and George Point return to Lucinda).
$140.00$120.00FREEBOOK NOW
One Way (between Cardwell and Ramsay Bay)
$99.00$79.00FREEBOOK NOW
One Way (between Lucinda and Ramsay Bay)
$180.00$170.00FREEBOOK NOW
One Way (between Cardwell and George Point)
$125.00$105.00FREEBOOK NOW
One Way (between Lucinda and George Point)
$80.00$60.00FREEBOOK NOW

Times – Departure and Pickup

To Ramsay Bay – Departs Lucinda at 8.00am departs Cardwell at 09.00am, leaves Ramsay Bay to return to Cardwell and Lucinda  at 10.30am
George Point – Due to tidal constraints the times for George Point vary daily.

If you require a transfer between Cardwell Township and the Hinchinbrook Harbour Public Boat Ramp, call Cardwell Taxi on 0409 744 915 for a free pick up.

CLICK to download/view a PDF of times for George Point.

Once you have completed your online booking, click HERE to print off the Thorsborne Trail Map and Track Notes. Here you will also find Frequently Asked Questions and important information regarding the trail!

Once we have processed your booking, we will email you a Booking Advice for confirmation, please check your “Junk Mail” if you have not received it within 48 hours.

Don’t have all the right gear? No problems! Hinchinbrook Hiking have a great range of gear for SALE and HIRE click HERE or phone 07 4066 8248 OR 0458 016 187 for more information on their products!

Only one booking & one payment.
Because we operate to BOTH ENDS of the Thorsborne Trail, you only have to make ONE BOOKING and ONE PAYMENT! We will look after all your transfers to and from the Thorsborne Trail!


Ramsay BayIf you are walking north to south we take you to the Ramsey Bay boardwalk at the northern end of the Thorsborne Trail to begin your trail. We then pick you up at George Point at the southern end by ferry when you have completed the trail.

If you are interested in doing the walk south to north, we will still look after all your transfers, but obviously just in reverse.

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For those wanting to start and finish at the same end eg Start and finish at Ramsey Bay OR start and finish at George Point we offer the *** COMPLETE ONE END ONLY RETURN TRANSFER PACKAGE – Northern End @ $160 / Adult – Southern End @ $140 / Adult ***

These packages are suitable for hikers wanting to either walk part of the Thorsborne Trail or climb Mt Bowen.

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Begin and end your Thorsborne adventure at Cardwell
Because our Complete Round Trip Transfer Package leaves from and returns you to Lucinda or Cardwell, you enjoy the convenience of leaving your vehicle at Hinchinbrook Harbour car park or Dungeness Boat Ramp awaiting your return.
Cardwell, the Hinchinbrook Channel & Island

Departing Cardwell

Cardwell is right on the main north/south Bruce Highway making it so accessible and convenient either by car or the major bus or train companies. The main north/south Brisbane to Cairns rail link also runs beside the town.

Cardwell offers many different styles of accommodation, eateries, supermarkets, shops, services and leisure activities.There are also many natural attractions within and around Cardwell including fresh water swimming holes, waterfalls, scenic drives, National Parks and walking tracks.

Cardwell & Hinchinbrook Tours & Information offer a range of scenic tours in and around the Cardwell & Hinchinbrook area. Visit HERE for more information or phone 07 4066 8248 OR 0458 016 187.

Departing Lucinda

Lucinda also offers a great range of accommodation options available for before and after your Thorsborne Trail hike.

Lucinda is a sugar-exporting town, it is known for its 5.76 km-long sugar jetty, the longest service jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. It is only a 25 minute drive to Ingham where you can enjoy some of the best Italian food in North Queensland! Ingham has many National Parks and waterfalls to explore such as Broadwater National Park, Wallaman Falls and Jourama Falls. All of these are within day trip distances from Lucinda. Click HERE for scenic tours from Lucinda.

Ingham is also home to Lee’s Hotel which was made famous by Slim Dusty’s song, ‘Pub With No Beer’. You could lose your afternoon visiting the many cafes and restaurants, as well as the TYTO Regional Art Gallery.

NOTE: The boat transfers to and from George Point and Cardwell are subject to changes to time and inclement weather. 

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NOTE: It is your responsibility to book and obtain Camping Permits for the Thorsborne Trail. We can book all your permits just call 07 40668 248.For much more information, including maps and track notes about the Thorsborne Trail, go to the Department of National Parks website.

The Complete Round Trip Transfer Package is subject to weather and tide, and departs and returns to Hinchinbrook Harbour Cardwell or Lucinda Daily. See our “Find Us in Cardwell” page for directions in Cardwell, or

“Find Us in Lucinda” page for directions in Lucinda.

Walker on Ramsay Bay beach

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