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Hinchinbrook Island Cruises Transfers to and from both ends of the Island by boat. Your trip back to Cardwell comes back by the Hinchinbrook Channel. Hinchinbrook Island Cruises spot crocodiles and other marine and bird life on the way back to Cardwell and give you ICE COLD drinks for the trip back.

Use this form if you like the idea of the convenience and security of beginning and ending your Thorsborne Trail trek from the same departure point at Cardwell.

If you are walking north to south we take you to the Ramsay Bay boardwalk at the northern end of the Thorsborne Trail to begin your trek, then pick you up at George Point at the southern end when you finish. We bring you back to Cardwell by boat so you can say you have really done all of Hinchinbrook including the magnificent Hinchinbrook Channel.

If you plan to walk south to north instead, that’s OK, we will still look after all your transfers, but obviously you just reverse the transfers above to and from Cardwell. 

This Package is popular with self drive and bus and train travellers for the security of parking, close access to the main Bruce Highway and bus and train terminals.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to book and obtain Camping Permits for the Thorsborne Trail. For much more information, including maps and track notes about the Thorsborne Trail, and to Book Permits go to the Department of National Parks website.


Times – Departure and Pickup.

Ramsay Bay – Leaves Cardwell at 8.30am, leaves Ramsay Bay to return to Cardwell at 9.30am Can be later if organised please ring us for information.
George Point – Due to tidal constraints the times for George Point vary daily.The boat trip from George Point to Cardwell is just over one hour. CLICK to download/view a PDF of times for George Point.

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